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I can’t believe it, it finally happened

I can’t believe it, it finally happened

Hey guys, I think I’m ready to announce my next Doom-based project!

Using the absolute failure of a Kyle Katarn addon I made as a base, I’ll be adding the Swedish Chef from the Muppets to the Samsara fan-made lineup, based on his appearance in the critically acclaimed “Swedish Chef’s Kitchen of Doom” game on the Muppets Inside CD ROM.

As you can see here, I’ve already got 2 functioning weapons ready, as well as a new HUD that needs a little work. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to tweak and test new things in Doom, so it should be looking fantastic in the coming weeks!

I’ve even put together a short trailer, showing some gameplay so far, you can watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg7BXRHShS0

Hopefully everyone will support me in this new endeavor! Thanks for taking a look!

Pushed a hotfix to the Samsara server to make the new blaster laser code look a bit nicer from every angle, go and check it out!

Server’s name is “:: [BE] New York :: Jenesis Samsara 0.31 - with Kyle Katarn Alpha v4!”, find it in Doomseeker or your favorite Doom server browser.

If you want to play it alone, download Samsara 0.31 Beta and Kyle Katarn Alpha v4.1, load them into Zandronum in that order, with your favorite wad, and have fun!

Kyle Katarn server is up!

:: [BE] New York :: Jenesis Samsara 0.31 - with Kyle Katarn Alpha v4!

Come on in and join the fun!

Kyle Katarn Alpha v4 Changelog:

Significant weapon animation and timing changes to make them feel much more like their Dark Forces counterparts:
- The Fist now swings once every 25 tics, 20 when held.
- The Bryar Pistol now shoots once every 23 tics, 20 when held.
- The Stormtrooper Rifle now shoots once every 11 tics, 6 when held.
- The Fusion Cutter now shoots once every 16 tics, 13 when held.
- The Fusion Cutter’s altfire now shoots once every 18 tics, 17 when held.
- The Repeater Rifle now shoots once every 11 tics, 7 when held.
- The Repeater Rifle’s altfire now shoots once every 17 tics, 12 when held.
- The Mortar Gun now shoots once every 28 tics, 24 when held.
- The Concussion Rifle is still a piece of shit, and now shoots once every 34 tics, 26 when held.
- The Assault Cannon now shoots once every 13 tics, 8 when held.
- The Assault Cannon’s altfire now shoots once every 51 tics, 41 when held.
Kyle’s jumps and gravity now feel much closer to how they were in Dark Forces!
Kyle now has his own original head sprites!
Kyle’s array of pain sounds has been expanded, thanks to yours truly yelling at a microphone for an hour.
The Bryar Pistol will now use ammo when samsara_pistolammo is set to 1.
Kyle now has new Slot 1 weapon in the form of the Palandrix Stun Gauntlets!
- Each hit deals 50 damage making these his most powerful early weapons, and with his various resistances, his most versatile.
- Unfortunately, clicking or holding either fire mode will only swing once every 32 tics, making it his slowest weapons.
- But mastering the alternating of primary and altfires at the right times will swing once every 16 tics, making them incredibly useful!
Kyle’s Tipboxes have been changed to match the numerous changes to the weapons, including those listed above.

Download Alpha v4 here!

Requires Samsara v0.31 Beta or later, load Samsara before Katarn into Zandronum unless you like errors.

Voice Commissions!

Also known as the “I Really Want Titanfall And Also Maybe To Go To Australia And Yes I Know Those Things Are Wildly Differing In Price Don’t Judge Me Fund

I’m deciding to try something a little different as far as commissions go, using my voice instead of my artistic skills (or lack thereof). Now, voiceovers aren’t cheap, but since this is Tumblr and I’m sure there’s people out there who would like cheap but quality voice acting for a project they’re working on, I’m going to cut the standard prices down quite a bit to something more affordable and reasonable.

• Background/one-off characters, or up to 10 seconds: $1-3
• Short monologue or dialogue, or up to 1 minute: $5-15
• Extended dialogue, or up to 5 minutes: $20-60
• Over 5 minutes: Contact me to negotiate a price.

Since my voice isn’t very well known at all, I’ve cut roughly 75% off the prices as shown on the rate sheet I linked, and we can always discuss further as to what you feel my voice would be worth.

2 short lines, 6 seconds
Short game intro, 22 seconds
Monologue, 51 seconds
Youtube Channel, features my speaking voice but not my best mic

I’m not the best writer, so that’s the best I can come up with at the moment (Thank you to MGS2 for the monologue), but if you wish to do a test run of my voice over Skype or something, in a certain situation or mood, I’d be more than happy to give short samples.

Contact Info:
You can either find me on Skype, my username is Killer12137, or you can email me at rietplaysgames AT gmail DOT com. Steam is a viable way to contact me if you already have me there, but I much prefer Skype or email for professional interactions.

Even if you don’t wish to commission my voice, please spread this around, hopefully I can get some exposure or some different price estimates based on people who have done this sort of thing before, every reblog helps!

Kyle Katarn Alpha v3.9 server is up!

:: [BE] New York :: Samsara 0.31 - with special guest Kyle Katarn!

Come join through Doomseeker and check it out!

I love writing changelogs.

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Kyle Katarn for Samsara - Alpha v3 Changelog

• Kyle now starts with 100 armor, to make his starting equipment true to how he starts missions in Dark Forces.
• Several weapon names were shortened to cut into the screen less during coop (despite being shorter than SO’s weapon names):
- Modified Bryar Pistol —> Bryar Pistol
- Jeron Fusion Cutter —> Fusion Cutter
- Imperial Repeater Rifle —> Imperial Repeater
- Packered Mortar Gun —> Mortar Gun
- Stouker Concussion Rifle —> Concussion Rifle
• The Bryar Pistol was buffed back to 25 damage per shot, and its projectiles now travel at a speed of 80.
• Thermal Detonators now deal 128 damage within a radius of 128, and have an alt-fire timed detonator, dealing 5 damage upon bouncing against an enemy, before exploding after 3 seconds (105 tics).
• The Stormtrooper Rifle now deals 20 damage while in singleplayer or cooperative, its projectiles now travel at a speed of 80, and it now uses 1 ammo every 3 shots.
• The Fusion Cutter now deals 15 damage per shot in deathmatch, and its projectiles now travel at a speed of 45.
• The Imperial Repeater’s projectiles now travel at a speed of 95.
• The Concussion Rifle was temporarily reworked; it now fires a projectile that travels at a speed of 1000, which explodes on contact, dealing 28 damage (20 in deathmatch). Upon the projectile’s explosion, it shoots 30 tracers that explode with the aforementioned values.
• The Assault Cannon’s primary fire projectiles now travel at a speed of 50, while the alternate fire projectiles now travel at a speed of 28.
• Every weapon other than the Fists and Thermal Detonators now play a cocking sound when switching to them.
• The primary ammo gauge now shows minuses when holding a weapon that does not use ammo, and the alternate ammo gauge now fills with minuses instead of zeros, to make them more true to the original Dark Forces hud.
• Kyle’s unique is now his Weapon Super Charge, a 60-second double fire rate powerup. When active, the screen will have a faint yellow glow, and the ammo counter will turn yellow instead of red.
• When Kyle picks up a Radiation Shielding Suit, he will also put on his gas mask for the duration of the powerup.
• Expanded on the existing weapon pickup lines. Be sure to check them out!
• The default key pickup sound is no longer being replaced by the Dark Forces item pickup sound.

PC games that work with the Dualshock 4 out of the box (with bluetooth!) so far:

• Anything released pre-Xbox 360 that has joystick support
• Source engine games released before Portal 2
• Brutal Legend

PC games that work when using x360ce to convert DirectInput commands to XInput:

• Max Payne 3
• Payday 2
• Serious Sam 3
• Skullgirls

PC games that do not work with the Dualshock 4 so far:

• Bastion - doesn’t recognize controller, crashes with x360ce
• All of Telltale Games’ releases - buttons mapped incorrectly
• Unreal Engine games - doesn’t recognize controller
• Source engine games including and released after Portal 2 - buttons mapped incorrectly

I’ll update this as I come across more games that work, if anyone would like to contribute to the list, lemme know any games you find that work and how you got them to work, and I’ll add it to the list!