Pointless Games


Warframe: Hydroid

Abilities: Tempest Barrage, Tidal Surge, Undertow, Tentacle Swarm

When did they add Chaos from Sonic Adventure as a playable Warframe

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spinachcritic replied to your post: Apologies to everyone who has messaged…

Pffft ass if anyone actually messaged you DORK

Several people actually

Someone take Doom away from me

i thought idling didnt work anymore

not in the traditional “leave an account running forever without touching it” sense

what is it?

Just random TF2 drops I get while idling on my laptop


What do you mean wut

Is a man not entitled to the drops from his own accounts?

I forgot to unload this account for a few weeks

I forgot to unload this account for a few weeks

Apologies to everyone who has messaged me on Skype and I’ve seemingly ignored them, my iPod has had a “ghost” Skype process running and as a result it appeared as if I’ve always been online, even if I’ve been out of the house or asleep in bed.

I’ve since taken care of the issue and I promise that if I appear online, I am assuredly there or will be around shortly. I know the feeling of being ignored and it sucks horribly, so I want you to know that I haven’t intentionally been ignoring anyone.